Tender Ready

When preparing any tender, you must approach each bid as unique. Each submission will need its own responses to the particular requirements of that potential tender and client. However, there are core essentials that are usually asked for, key standards which you will probably be asked to meet and essential evidence that most tenders will require at least an element of.

Our Tender Ready Consultancy Service helps you identify and develop the areas of your business that will impact on tender success and develop an action plan to ensure these key areas are prepared and maintained, ready for your next bid. We will help you understand what documentation, services, processes, partnerships and evidence can be built in advance to maximise your bidding success.

Being ready in advance with these core elements means that the limited time between the publication of a tender opportunity and the deadline for submission can all be devoted to the specific needs of that opportunity, not running around trying to find or create things which could have been prepared in advance.

Target Market

Tender success comes from exceptional preparation and taking an expert approach to bid submissions. We can help you to do just that. An SME Tenders Bid Strategist will work with you to identify your target market and thoroughly prepare so that you are ready to bid whenever a tender opportunity in that market comes up.

Strengths and weaknesses

We work with you to help you get ready for any bid, ensuring you will meet all the requirements and identifying any areas where your offering needs to be strengthened to help give you a competitive edge. By identifying strengths and weaknesses and developing pre-tender action plans, we help businesses to understand the best way for them to respond to tender opportunities that are right for them.

Pre-tender action plans will consider whether it is useful to obtain relevant trade or ISO accreditations, what partnerships or relationship it might be useful to nurture and what social value initiatives and monitoring might have an impact.


We will examine the availability and quality of the most frequently requested documentation when tendering, including company policies, team profiles and internal procedures. A suitable filing and auditing system will be set up for collating and improving most frequently requested documentation, including:

  • 3 Years of Accounts
  • Insurance Information – including Policy details and certificates
  • Track record summary – include details of the contracts you have already undertaken including value, deliverables and time frames
  • Referee details relating to recent contracts
  • Organisational Chart and CV’s of key personnel – often it’s a good idea to have short bios and longer CV’s to hand
  • Standard Company Policies and Procedures – including policies such as Health and Safety, Data Protection and Equality and Diversity.
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Case studies to demonstrate your experience and expertise

Tender knowledge support and training

To give you confidence in tendering, training will be provided in the tendering process, essential vocabulary and key success factors. This will include ensuring you are set up on all appropriate tender portals so you get notification of relevant opportunities.

If you would like some help to get Tender Ready, contact us for any help you might need. Just call 0161 820 2341 or email info@smetenders.net.