Tender Writing

Through our Tender Writing Service, we will help you produce winning bids and tender submissions that will lead your business into the next stage of growth. The Service is designed for small and medium-sized businesses which either don’t know how to tender, don’t have bid writing capabilities, or simply need to focus their attention and resources on their core business and want to outsource tender writing.

Experienced Bid Writers

Our team of experienced bid writers deliver innovative tenders which capture the requirements and needs of commissioners as well as reflecting the unique strengths your organisation will bring to the delivery of the contract. We are able to condense large quantities of information into concise high-scoring answers, with each bid tailored to the precise needs of our clients and the Commissioners/buyers. Our writers are often specialists in the industry sector of the tender, enabling them to bring their knowledge of current trends and developments to your bid.

Tailored Offer

We work closely with every client to determine their individual goals and strengths, so that we can craft bids that directly address the requirements of the contracts of the tender. We will provide you with an honest appraisal of whether we think you have a realistic chance of winning before we commit to prepare your bid, so you can ensure that you are not wasting your time and money with us. We focus on creating deeply individual, custom-made documents for each client, which specifically highlight how they can provide the services the Commissioner needs in a timely and efficient way.

Our team provide consistency and reliability, building long lasting partnerships with our clients. We are then able to deepen our understanding of your goals and become a key part of your business winning function over time. This allows businesses to continue to focus on their core strengths whilst we complete the bid documents for you.

Fixed Price

We offer an efficient, affordable solution to getting your bids professionally written. The service is priced per bid, although a fixed price will be agreed so that you always know what the tender writing will cost, even if the Commissioner changes the requirements during the tender process.

If you have a tender which needs to be prepared, please contact us with the details and we will provide you with a no obligation quote and a free assessment of your strengths and likely chances of success. Just call 0161 820 2341 or email info@smetenders.net.